Congratulation to Shiqi and Wei Teck!!

Love and I were finally back from Korea. It was an enjoyable trip in Seoul and Geoje. We love their beautiful city and scenery but so not on the people. The scenery was worth the whole trip and we took lots of photo. It is always fun travelling with him to somewhere we never go before.

In Geoje, we looked up to our friend, and a groom-to-be, Wei Teck at his apartment as he is working there. We took this opportunity to travel Seoul and Geoje, planning our holiday trip and returned Singapore together.

We had known each other since 17, 18 in our poly school days and completed our FYP together. About 10 years back, we were just students looking for team-mates to form a group. The whole formation was kinda weird and unplanned. Wei Teck and Xiong were my classmates but we were never close. It was Shiqi (Wei Teck's then-gf) who looked me up to ask if we would form a team of 5. Angela was Shiqi's good friend while Wei Teck is well, her then boyfriend. And later, Wei Teck ask Wei Xiong to join since they were rather "close". That was our team.

Many years back, the photo quality wasn't as good. Photo taken after we completed our presentation at Schneider Electric

We had lots of fun, tapping company's network to L4D and travelling to places for food. Most of the time, we were having fun more than we were doing our project. But anyway, we passed out our poly and each of us peruse a different path... Though each of us were doing our own things, we would try to plan some meet up or a simple dinner and even impromptu activities.

As Xiong drives, we usually head home late until the night is really late.

Through the years, we had planned FYP chalet, picnic, KTVs and even going overseas. I vividly remembered that we went overseas to Bangkok a few weeks after my breakup with SJ. With them, I could somehow forget my sadness and enjoyed the Bangkok trip.


They were there early on my 21st birthday.

And a blink of an eye, we are all grown up. Wei Teck and Shiqi's love blossom and they are ready to move on together as married couple. I could not describe how happy we were for them. Me and Angela were chosen to be the bridesmaid and Wei Xiong was their groomsman. We were so honoured and happy that we were on their mind when it comes to their wedding.

Pretty bride! And we grew together over the years. 

They held their wedding lunch at The Park Royal Pickering on 19th March. We woke up early to the gatecrash. Honestly speaking, we felt that the gate crash was too easy for the Groom. After which, we we had some light breakfast and head to Botanic garden for photoshoot. As it was still early, the sun wasn't that hot and we walked a distance to the Pavilion.

Credits to Kris

All of their guest came and the lunch started at 1pm. The whole lunch lasted for 3 hours plus and there we were taking photos outside.

Wishing them everlasting love and blissful marriage!

Now you see, how fast time passes....

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