A day at Sentosa with Family

Been away from blogging for a while since I changed my job. Work have been busy like mad but everyone seems to end work happily. Customers are demanding as usual but i guess its the same everywhere. I am surprised if i am not complained by any customer. I told myself that I ought to work, no matter how i feel the job is. I believe in a perfect job but it comes only after I had explored enough. Right now, I shall stick on for a good 2 years before i run again.

Last 2 weeks, we had our family gathering at Sentosa. It was supposed to be a nice gathering but the wet weather dampened our moods.

Baby is taking a view out of the resort.

We stayed at Siloso Beach Resort at Beach Station. Comparing the prices among all hotels in Sentosa, Siloso Beach Resort offers a more economical prices as compare to the other luxury hotels. If you are looking for an even more cheaper alternative, just book a chalet at Coasta Sands Resort next to Siloso Beach, their accommodation costs $99 for a night. But do note that you will have to pay for at least 2 nights. 

I booked 1 Family Room + 1 Deluxe room. The cost of 1 family room for a night is about $600++ while the deluxe room cost about $350++. 

The deluxe room is decent. There is a queen size bed and i requested 1 baby cot for Baby Eng.

Deluxe Room

The way to the door.

They have seating near the window.

After putting our things in the room, we left to go to the event at Siloso Beach. They were having Sands of Time exhibition.

There were some SG50 sand sculptures.

Some photos of the sculptures.

After the beach walk, we went to RWS for a walk.

They bring over the Coconut style from Bangkok!!

Soon, it was evening. To aviod getting wet under the weather, we decided to go to RWS, Resort World Sentosa. It wasn't difficult getting around Sentosa. Towards near Rasa Resort, there is a bus stop where buses run internally in Sentosa only. We took Bus 1 to get to Resort World. 

There were lots of seats as most of the passenger alighted the same stop we were boarding.

These buses are free ride. Please do not go to the bus driver to ask him how much to go to RWS, guess he will piss off with you (there might have been too many people asking him this question).

A photo of mum and dad.

Though I was our first time having our family gathering in Sentosa, but it wasn't the first time that we are there. Dad doesn't smile in photo but when he does, it would be a genuine smile. Mum loves taking photo but like all ladies do, they love to look pretty in photo.

Baby was trying to look at the camera.

Took a photo at BreadTalk entrance. Not a fan of it but we just took a photo of it haha.

At night, we had a simple dinner at Toast box. There are lots of people partying there and they can party till midnight 3am. Mum did not sleep well because the resort was just next to the party scene. 

If you love party, perhaps you an try to stay in Siloso Beach Resort ^^. Can just walk over when you are tired haha.

We checked in to Family room after a stroll at RWS and it was about 5.30pm.

Welcome to the family room

See how spacious the room is

I requested a queen size bed and a twin size bed. An extra bed per night will cost you $80 but if you are able to join the twin beds together, you are able to squeeze 3 people on the bed. Just like all all hotels do, they provide refillable tea and coffee, 4 bottles of water daily and a kettle to use.  The toilet bowl and shower are separated. There was no lock so anyone can access to the toilets while you are bathing or pooing :X

Alright, I shall end this post with this photo:

See my drooling niece

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