Xiong's Graduation Day!

After 3 long years, you had finally graduated!

These 3 years hadn't been easy on you. I was there with you from the day you registered yourself at SIM. Since then, you have been travelling to school after work twice a week and going to lectures on Saturday mornings.

There would be times when i would clash your lectures, or go to school to look for you after my work. During your birthday, it was also your busiest period: you had work, studies and exams to juggle. I would love bringing you to spa for a few hours relaxation as you had worked too hard.

Last year, i pulled you to Coasta Sands for a 3 days 2 night birthday celebration. I am really glad that you had enjoyed fully despite the unpleasant incident. After that few days of rest, you were back to your mugging sessions.

That kind of life continued for 3 years and now... You had graduated!

I attended your Convocation last Thursday. Seeing you in that grad gown really makes me proud of you.

For your convocation, your family is there to attend your ceremony. Though we did not have anything for you, but i hoped our presence did bring you happiness as all of were there to share your joy.

Ah Qiang went down to SIM after his course. Can you imagine how happy we were to see you grad?! Your sister-in-law took a half day leave to attend your convocation too! It is a ceremony worth sacrificing our work time for you honey >.<

You got to thank your mum, who cooked meals for you during your mugging periods. She will help you to change your bedsheets, bring the food to you and clear them on your behalf after finishing them. My mum would cook meals for me but not to the extend that she will wash my plates. Your mum mentioned that she loved going to such ceremony and was proud to be there to see you receive the cert from the presenter.  

Ah Xiong's friend in his primary school days. His mum provided free English Tuition for Ah Xiong when he was young. A photo that can't be missed.

The three brothers who grew up together. Though they were three individualists, but im very sure that  they were happy for Ah Xiong's. As brothers, they do not talk much but morally give support to each others when they needed it. This is how brothers communicate.  

Perhaps I gave you lots of pressure to complete your degree. I've seen you walking in and out of school, and at time, i walked in and out of lectures with you. I could help you to photocopy /print out notes whenever I can, lend you my cute pencil box so that you have sufficient writing materials for class. I am not your mother but more like a companion so that your classes weren't bored. Now that you had achieved your degree, I hoped that your journey doesn't end here. I hoped that degree would open doors to next stage of career and make the best of it.

 Though someone is missing from this picture, but please be sure that your family is complete because you have us.  Congratulation Ah Bii!

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