Wei Teck's Proposal!

I am so happy to be part of their proposal! We were friends for 8 years (since our poly days) and now i witnessed the pair who are ready to move on to the next stage of life.

Where Wei Teck proposed

This is the first proposal i had attended. WT had booked a villa at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa last weekend just for this moment. The villa had 2 rooms (comes with bed net), a living room, an outdoor picnic table as well as a private pool. It is definitely photo worthy.

When we had just arrived, we saw our friend: Angela, was busy arranging flower for WT's  proposal. She used to work as a florist which explains her skills in arranging the bouquet. Can you imagine she bought those individual strands and piece them together to become like this?

99 roses. Sincerity 

Busy florist at work. She spent 2 hours to get the flowers done. *Thumbs up* 

When all of us were present, the groom-to-be called us all to the living room to delegate jobs. He handed out posters to each of the couples and placed us at a spot he wanted us to be. His plan was to get his girlfriend to walk to all stations while the couples explain what they had did over their period of 7 years before proposing at the tent (the 1st picture which i posted just now). 

Meeting time.

WT handed out out his hand made posters to the couples.

We were waiting at our station, taking photos, entertaining ourselves.

Getting into position

Bride-to-be arrived at 6pm and the plan went smoothly. Finally... ... the moment  of which all of were waiting for......

I had seen how serious he was reciting his speech over and over again, hoping that he did not forget the words he wanted to say.

With all these scheming techniques, how can Shiqi say no right?

It is supposed to be a romantic picture but somehow it seems that WT is forcing his kiss on SQ.
This is the best picture I had on my camera. I'm so sorry guys !

Good job WT! We will be waiting for your wedding invitation card soon!!

Signing off~~

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