Update and weekend!

I had disappeared for a week and now im back. Last week was pretty peaceful and that i didn't have much activities.

But recently, i have been purchasing goods from Taobao.com . It was really an amazing website where i bought my clothes at about SGD4-8? The quality was really better than those i bought in Bangkok. Now that i have taobao.com, I will explore the clothes section to see if they offered the same design as those i saw in shopping mall.

Last Saturday, my date and i went to watch Step Up. The movie was alright and i felt that the previous series were much better than this. The choreography didn't have that 'wow' factors though there were many difficult stunts and moves.    

Sunday was a family gathering as we all come together to celebrate my cousin's birthday. All of us had a good time there and we were enjoying ourselves. I missed those days where we all would play and tease each other. Now that we were all adults (and some additional member to the gathering), we would still never fail to come together once a while for a catch up.

And most importantly, i brought my monopod (which i bought from Taobao.com) to use it for the first time!

My god! My granny looked so cute. Im not sure if she knows where to look but my aunt was just telling her to : look at the sky.

Sometimes, taking photo with a huge crowd could end up disastrous. There were some of us who are looking and some of them were not paying attention.

Look again, when the some of us were not looking at the camera, the rest who missed out the previous shot were looking up. The most photogenic one will be the one who was holding the monopod.  

And this is my maternal family. Small yet noisy family. Hope we do have such gathering again very soon.