[Short Review] GlamGlow Youth Mud

Umm, im not trying to scare you guys with my pictures below but this is really one darned good product i used yesterday!

Of course i didn't have such a big bottle to use. I was given a mini sample to try on in my July BellaBox. Sephora was selling it for like over $90 for a bottle (WHAT?!!) and there must be something amazing about this product. Upon googling, i saw most of the users were recommending and raving this product...And here is what it says:

'Taken from GlamGlow Mud official website'

Sounds amazing right?! I decided to try on ...

So i tore and ...

Must really show that i tried this product hahaha!

applied on my clean face ..

I know I'm looking darned tired and was stoned when i took this picture. Please ignore my expression. The main focus is not on my weird expression but the product. There were bits and pieces of solids in the mud but i just applied them on my skin anyway. It was an easy application and it wouldn't take long to apply. 

While applying, i can feel my eyes were actually slightly (very slightly) tearing as i can feel the tingling effect right away. Just as the description goes... Tinglexfoliate.. The product really delivers what it promises! 

Right away, i sat in front of the fan to 'cool' the tingling effect. 

After a while ...

Still stoned

The mud slowly dries up and the tingling effect was gone. Now, the tightening effects steps in. As the mud was drying, the tightening effect gradually increases and i can't feel my face moving except my eyes. 

After 10 minutes, i went to wash off the mud and my skin seriously appeared to be 

cleaner, brighter and toned!

See how fair i became...

Honestly, this is one fantastic product i had came across so far which does wonder to my skin. Of course, a good beauty product comes with good price which costs much higher than those mud mask you can find at normal drugstores. Given a chance when i have extra monies , I do not mind paying for it for something i felt its worth.

Okay! Hope my pictures don't give you any nightmares!

 Signing off here~!

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