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This is my first sponsored box from Glamabox! I believe many girls would know Glamabox by now. I had heard about them since my school days as i know one of my friend was a subscriber.

Glamabox is a monthly surprise box where you will receive 4-5 products (which were tried by them ) based on the profile (oily skin, dry hair etc) you submitted. Some of these products are definitely not cheap but you are able to get them through Glamabox by purchasing them at $19 per month. Isn't it worth?!!

Thanks to Glamabox, I received the first Glamabox last Friday! Being excited about what the little box contains, I opened immediately when i reached home.

Unboxing the present... ...

Instructions was given to us on how to use these products.

Now let me share the contents with you ^^

Exsicata - Hydrating Anti-Aging Night Cream 

Packed with ingredients which nourish, smoothen and firm skin, it also helps to reduce signs of facial aging whilst contributing firmness and hydration for a beautiful textured skin. It doesn't contain parabens (which is cancer causing) and is dermatology tested.

Instructions: Apply at night after cleansed skin using circular upward motions. Apply on neck using gentle upward motions.

LSnP - Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner

LSnP shampoo contains grape seed oil, which is highly anti-oxidant and creates a protective case on your hair. Prevents moisture loss and hair-splits and at the same time, making your hair smoother and shiner.

Instructions: Apply shampoo on hair and massage for 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. After which apply conditioner on the hair and massage 3-5 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.

Enita - 2 in 1 Shower Lotion
Enita - Body Butter 
Enita - Bergot Tea & Aloe Sugar Butter Scrub

2 in 1 Shower Lotion: Gentle and non-drying shower lotion, reveals soft, smooth skin after 1 use. Contains mild gentle surfactant  to ensure clean rinse and long lasting moisture.  Apply and massage over body. Rinse off with warm water.

Body Butter blend with shea butter and argan oil, moisturise and replenish dry and uncomfortable skin. Personally, i don't really like the smell of lemongrass but surprisingly, this is one which is not overpowering. I felt comfortable applying onto my skin ^^.

The sugar butter scrub provides deep hydration and anti-inflammatory protection, helps calms sensitive skin, instantly repair damaged cells and regenerate skin. Has effects of whitening and sun protection. Aid in blood circulation too! Apply the product on damp skin and rinse off with warm water after massaging 30 minutes .    

Sebamed  - Visio Active Hydro Gel 

Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera can optimally release and activate skin's natural moisturizing system and promotes the cell regeneration. Improve skin moisture content and a significant reduction in skin roughness. Gentle gel suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Instructions: Apply on cleansed face. Take appropriate amount and apply on face and neck.

Re:cipe - Lemon / Adlay Slowganic Cleanser 

Contains 65% tea of green tea, 7 kinds of supreme essential oil , 12 kinds of plant and fresh cream. Shining  and brightening function. Made by skilled craftsman to give gratifying and comfortable using the product. Suitable for any human, even baby . 

Instructions: It can be used either as a cleanser or as a mask. To use it as a cleanser, take appropriate amount of product and smooth it out evenly skin. Take a small amount of water and massage until foam forms. Rinse off with warm water. To use as mask, take appropriate amount of product and and spread evenly and massage your face. Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Dermal - Rose Collagen Essence Mask 

Moisturising dry and rough skin which make the skin bright and elastic.

Instructions: Spread mask on the face and leave on for 15-20 minutes and gentle massage for absorption.

Handmade Pure Castile Body Wash 

Mild and moisturisng body wash ideal for sensitive skin

Instructions: Gently massage into lather and rinses off.

All Belle - Oxy Fibre False Eyelashes 1 pair & Nail Art Patch 12 stickers

I was very happy to receive these 2 gifts as well!! 

This is my box for September 2014. If you are interested in receiving such goodies every month, go to their website and subscribe with them. It cost $19 per month (inclusive of shipping and handling charges). In case you want to cancel the subscription, you can cancel anytime without any cancellation fee. The goodies are definitely worth more than $19!! Currently, Glamabox only ships to Singapore, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Signing off!!    

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