[Short Post] Offers Near You for Scoopz Ice Cream 1 for 1 !

If you hadn't know what  'Offers Near You' is about, do take 1 minute to read more here.

The other day i went to Parkway Parade for dinner and was trying to find if there is any promotions offering for desserts (oh my sweet tooth!) . While i was scrolling through the apps, i came across that Scoopz was actually offering 1 for 1 deals!  

All i did was to show this page and i was entitled to the promotion. The promotion is still on-going and will end by 21 Sept 2014. The lady at the counter took down and my name and my IC. Not sure if I am still able to use the promotion but i will still patronize their shop whenever i'm there. 

And tada! My 1 for 1 ice cream cone! It costs me $3.20 only!

Start downloading the app for free and use it! It will save you some money really !

Check out their website  and  promotion !


  1. Wow now there is an app for everything...even icecream!

    1. Hihi! Yes! Its actually helping us to look for promotions around us using the GPS on our phone ^^