Just some updates!

Hi guys! Back to my blogging day.
It is wednesday and right now, im staying in masking. It was a quick weekend and i did enjoyed myself over the weekend. 

Last sunday, my family went back to granny house for prayer. My grandfather had  been gone for almost 10 years. Granny had stopped grieving but it was really hard on her being alone here on earth. So we went back for a mini gathering, to liven her empty house. 

After lunch, my sister jio us for a walk at turf city. Turf city had changed a lot and now the mall looks new. They were also selling 2nd hand cars at the basement. 

At night, we went to far east and mum bought her clothes. We walked into this shop called 'ziyi' and this shop specialise in dinner gowns. The clothes were pretty and cheap, considering the material and design. The dresses were selling at $80 and above as they were clearing their stocks. It is quite a steal as you will not be able to find such prices in other shops. 

As mum was trying on her dress, me and dear just sat there, can whoring again.

Mum bought her dress and we left the shop. That was all for sunday! 

Candid shot when i was in Darren's car. I couldn't help but taking this gingerbread head to my mouth. 

Its a bread anyway. 

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