Simple Weekend~

yo everybody!! its may!! and my exam is over! i shall help dear blog a bit before i sleep.. dear shld be sleeping now cause tml she is working but as for me, its an off day! woo hoo~ (*hopefully no activation)

On Friday, i have bring dear to my family mother's day mini celebration. We were suppose to eat at teck whye where my bro camp is. But in the end, we decided to eat at amk cause my dad is not home yet so i decided to fetch my bro and get away from west side while my elder bro wait for dad and mum before fetching them to amk.

We were suppose to eat at this "famous" crab restaurant call mellben at amk and as we (dear, me and my younger bro) had reached earlier, we went to Q de very long Q. When my elder bro arrived, we were about to reach our turn but after ordering the food we want, the person said that after it reaches our turn, we need to wait another 1 HR!!!! aww~ so long... and at that time was 8pm++

Hence, my bro went to look around that area and finally, we decided to eat at a coffee shop beside that restuarant. lol. We ordered 2 different styles of crabs (chilli and butter), claypot toufu, mai pian chicken, cai po omelette (as usual by my bro although i think its not worth to order eggs from outside cause egg cost 30cents each and at most they gave us 4 eggs which cost $1.20 but it sell at 5 6 bucks.. @.@) , yu piao soup, and etc etc.. this has become our tradition to eat together during special occassion which is good.. hope this will continues...

After dinner, my bro send my family back while me and dear went bowling at OCC. Dear sacrifice her nails to play bowling with me.. thanks dear.. :) we play 3 rounds as dear wants to break her own record and in the end, this is her best record!

the top one :X

As for Saturday and Sunday, as i have to work pm shift (3 to 10pm), i only can meet dear before and after work. On Saturday, i went to her house in the morning when her mum make the prata warm for me to eat. Thank you auntie. After that, during noon time, i bring dear and dear's mum and dad to Old Airport Road to eat. We ordered lao fu zi kway tiao, carrot cake, some fried toufu, otah, kway chap + 猪脚 and of cause not forgetting the lao ban tou hua!!! lol. omg.. another sinful day..
After sending them back, i went to work while they went for their family gathering at Star Vista Mall(Buona Vista) to walk and explore and ate watami for dinner~ oh oh.. dear really eat a lot on this day..
At night, i went to meet dear again! 5 of us (darren, amy, dear, elgan, me) impromptuly went JAMMING!! (guitar hero) @ cathay. dear was very tu lan about her name being heard wrongly.. "elbena".. o.0 so in the end, she say "AMY" haha.. poor dear.. and we jam all the way to 2am+.

On Sunday, i still went to meet dear in the noon time for lunch. we ate "THE SPICY FACEOFF BUNDLE". SINFUL~ come to think of it.. we really had a sinful weekends.

Dear, like i say, i will be responsible for making u fat. :p dont worry ok? muackz.. love u!


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