Just some updates! ♥

Slow blogging rate.

Where are my audiences? 

Gone already? O.o

Hmmm, never mind, as long as my dear is still reading its fine ^^.

This morning when i woke up, i received his message: i want love you more. I felt very blissful and happy when i saw this. I know you will :) 

Ladt weekmy family and i went to USS to play. Its was quite an aweful day because my spoilt granny followed us too. I wasn't saying that she should not go but she is giving us all headache as she couldn't walk fast to catch any of the shows. What's really bother us was that she knows that she couldnt walk fast, she did not want to sit on the wheelchair, she wanted to be pretty and not looking like a sick old granny. 死要面子的婆婆

But we have fun time ourselves too.

Well, i met dear very pften nowadays as he is currently not studying. His exams are over and i hoped to see he get good grades for both exams.

Yesterday, dear and i had caught fast n furious 6 at bugis plus. But before that, we had raman for dinner as i have craving for it.

My yum yum raman. The Raman was definitely good but the price was kinda expensive. After having our raman, dear and i headed to sistic counter to...

Collect our jay chou concert.

My friends are so excited about it. Opps, the photo is not in the right position :x . Jay chou concert is just next Saturday and i definitely will be back to watch the concert!

Coming up next week, i will be also flying off to Taiwan for work and meet up with people of another company. I wonder how it would be. I hope everything turn out well. 

My dear is still working n he will be out for another 30 minutes time . I seriously miss u honey..

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