A day in JB

Hi guys, back to my blogging days..

Its 21st May and 6 more days to my pay day :D Waiting for my pay day. I had a good weekend last week. Let me re-cap what happened over the weekend.

I had a normal Friday as dear and i had decided to meet on Saturday. Dear was working midnight shift and it was really tiring for him. On Saturday, Dear and i had went to HDB hub to look at our future house structure and location. It was indeed a very happy day, to let your imaginations go wild on your ideal house. 

To be frank, and announcing , we got our queue number. But let nature take its course :) Then after looking at the model houses, dear and i went to have our eyebrows done before going down to ah po house.

Seeing my granny deteriorates everyday, it really aches me a lot. She is my loved granny as she doted us a lot since we were young. She will always protect us from harm from scolding. She will always feed us the best and yakult. 

Well, after going granny house, we headed to dear house as he really needed a rest.

On Sunday, I met dear at late afternoon, only to eat brunch at 4pm. We traveled to few places in Singapore: Hatch. But it was closed when we were there. So, we ended up eating at the Food for Thought at Botanic Garden. The food was really nice and appetizing. The ambiance was nice and romantic too. I liked there. 

On Monday, we went to JB!! Of course we went there coming back with bags full of foodies. 

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