Happy 15th Month + Skinny Pizza at the Great World City

Happy 15th month together baby!!

Im glad to have you and you celebrating with me on this special day!

After work, baby brought me to the great world city to look my etude house sales but in the end, i was so disappointed at the counter! There is only one wagon there and some pathetic products on display. 

So i hop to another counter selling NYX stuff. Ending up getting 2 stuffs from there...


Dear bought me make up brushes and foundation!!  I have long wanted this brush but it is so expensive! Hehe

Thanks baby!

After that, we had dinner at skinny pizza. I love the thin crust!! Crispy! And these are what we ordered

Yum yum! 

Pizza photo with dear:p

Anyway, dear sent me home after that.

Thanks baby, for all the things you did for us. Lets stay happy always!! Muackz!

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