Valentine Dinner @ Todai + Updates

Let me blog a little today.

Happy Valentines' Day everyone!
I believed everyone has a nice and good valentines' day as well as lunar new year.

Chinese new year had always been usual. With my cousin coming to my house every year to have steamboat and lo hei together. But with every year, my cousins are getting older and older and one of them is getting married. Time never waits for man. This phrase really describe well. New year could have been more fun... ...

On chu er, my family and i went to ah po house. Dear met me in the afternoon as he had work on chu yi during midnight. He did not get much rest but still he accompanied me all the way to ah po house just to say happy new year to ah po. This is the first time dear had tried ah po's cooking. It was definitely nostalgic as i could not remember when was the last time i had her cooking's.

Also, we will not fail to take photo together as memories when we were in our pretty outfit.

On the third day of New Year, Darren, together with my family, went to the temple at guan yin shan to pray. Also, a tradition which the Chias had maintained since years ago. But this time, it was different. Darren came to fetch us all to pray and followed us as well. The Shi Gong always looks so youth though he is 71 this year!

Then on a Thursday, dear had planned some activities for our Valentines' Day. It was also our 1st year anniversary. A year,,, so fast... On Thursday, i met him at Tai Seng mrt after my work and we took mrt all the way to BayFront station. Dear was holding a bouquet and standing near the lift, waiting for me. He was in his white top and maroon pants (Blue checkered shirt bought by dear and brown pants). With his super gel hair and frame less glasses, he was waiting for me patiently haha. My handsome boy :P

Dear had booked a table at Todai to memo rate our love, treating me to the one of the best buffet in Singapore.

To my horror, not only the service wasn't good, the foods were not to my expectations as well. The buffet at Carousal taste so much delicious. Anyway, we ate to the brim before leaving the buffet. Dear send me home and slept in my house afterwards... ...

Friday is a happy for me as we are moving towards the weekend! Dear stayed overnight in my house because we had to bai taisui. This is his first time praying so he had no idea how to go about it. He followed us quietly, praying to the gods in the temple. Good job dear, next time when i go pray for important things, i will ask u come along too ^^ Pray that dear will have a smooth year ahead.....

My family

I love you !

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