Passing my driving test - Part 2

After a good 3 years, on a one fine day, Xiong told me that CDC will be closed after their lease has expired in Ubi. And the question came: When are you going to re-take your driving license?

After news has confirmed of their closure, I once again , moved my fat ass to re-register with CDC to activate my account. As my final theory has already expired (only valid for 2 years before your practical test), I had to re-take my final theory. Luckily, I passed with one attempt.

One night, Xiong was scrolling through a list of private instructor and he showed me a few with higher passing rate. I decided on one and I contacted him the following day. Immediately the next day, we made an appointment on the following week.

He was an elderly instructor with age about 60+ and he has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He is a very nice instructor and he never scolded me. His formulas were good and easy to remember. Most importantly, he owns a new Toyota Vios and it was very easy to drive. I had about 12 lessons with him before I took my test as I didn't want to spend a full amount on my whole driving. 12 lessons are considered a lot since I had lost touch with driving for 3 years.

From what I know, CDC doesn't have any test date on weekends and now, all we have to wait was only a month before our practical test. In the past, we have to wait 2-3 months before we can book our test.

On the day, I booked a warm up test with my instructor at 1pm and my test was at 2.50pm. My instructor re-run with me on the tips and pointers to look out for in the circuit. My warm up lesson ended at 2.30pm and I went to the ladies. Supposedly I had a 20 minutes rest but the queue was so long that I waited about 10 minutes. After I had finished my business, I heard my instructr shouting for my name from afar: Li Yun ar, your instructor is already here, he is sitting in the car waiting for you liao.

I was like: WTH!!!

I had no time for preparation or calm myself down. I ran to my instructors' car immediately as the tester was already waiting for me. I entered the driver's seat, put my bag at the passenger seat and he said: Once you are ready, you can move off.

I adjusted my seat, my rear mirror (act a bit), check my blind spot and move off. At the first station, he told me to go to parallel parking. I could vividly remember that i strike kerb the moment I parked in. And Bamb! I made the same mistake again. A 10 points is deducted. Unknowingly, I strike kerb on my 2nd attempt and I wasn't very happy about it. I left 10 points to fail the whole test.

My tester told me to do down to take a look at the wheel and I did. I knew that I would fail terribly again. So I just let go of my nervousness and continue my test.

For the rest of the stations, the crank course, the S-curve, vertical parking and slope, I think I did pretty alright as there isn't comment from the tester. I didn't have much hope in passing my test,so i just did my best anyway. I paid for it right?!

Soon, we drove out of the circuit. And bad enough, I had forgotten to wind my side mirror up. I only realised when I reached a junction at a red light, only then, i wind up my side mirror when I stopped at the traffic light. I guesses I'm going to fail anyway.

The cars at Ubi at 2,50pm was heavy. You can see lots of cars and cargo trucks on the road, travelling on the same lane as you. At one of the junction, the tester told me to make a U turn and I had hard time cutting the lane to the right. I found a chance when I saw a big cargo truck travelling at a slower speed. I immediately cut into the right lane and made a right turn.

Finally, we were back to the CDC. the tester told me to follow him to the 2nd floor and so i did. I knew I wouldn't make it. But surprisingly enough, the tester said a few words: ar check blind spot ar, check left and right etc.... and passed my test!

I got a 18 demerit points. Thanks to the kerb I strike at parallel parking. ZZZ

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