Thank you Mr Lee

By now, all Singaporeans must have received the news of the passing of Lee Kuan Yew. The man who perserved to make Singapore so successful.

When i young, I was never into politics and would never engage myself into any politics activities. It wasn't my interest and I would turn channels away whenever there was a NDP Speech. To me, it was a long, boring 2 hours of monotonous speech which goes on the same every year.

I get information on nation building through teachers and history in Primary school. I couldn't even remember the actual dates of 'big' events in Singapore, example, Hock Lee Bus riots, multi-racial unrest etc. The only date i could remember was the National Day (Well, because it is a holiday).

Until 21, i get to vote for the GE in 2011 and that is where I began to take notice of politics. I understand every vote counts and how we influence our country governance. I would listen to the budget and understand more of it through website and people conversations (I know some of them are only concern about the GST budget and how much they would get that year). For me, I can feel the government policy affect me directly since i stepped into the workforce. The changes in housing regulations,  CPF employer contribution, the foreign talent policy and the recongnition of degree certificate etc, my peers and I were definitely ones who would either be benefited or not from their policies. Honestly, i did resent some of the policies which i felt strongly about but I did not go to the extend to say drastic statements in any way.

As far as i know, i am satisfied with my life right now.

The passing of Mr Lee stirred up most Singaporeans' emotions, especially the older generation. For us, being born in the 80s and 90s, we were the fruits of the labours from our forefathers efforts. We could not understand the difficulties since none of us go through the turbulent years. But there must be a reason to why they gave up their birthplace for the pink IC. ( otherwise i would be still in Hainan Island planting coconuts).

As a true Singaporean, we have our way of life here, which people of other countries would not understand. To others, we are just some bunch of idiots who followed blindly to the government propaganda and submissive to policies, with no mind of our own. People fear the government because we could go behind bars or fines if we did not follow rules and regulations. But it was these rules and regulations which made us live peacefully everyday.  

I do not see the need to elaborate more of his doings as it was all over the net.  He has my utmost respect from the bottom of my heart. May you rest peacefully and watch over Singapore from above.



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