Sponsored [ Glamabox February 2015]

I received my Glamabox during the last week of February. It was indeed a long wait due to holiday seasons but that never stops me being excited waiting for my parcel!

Received the same design as i did last October.

Sure enough, i received different beauty products and I would love to share with you!!
I have some small size products for whitening, cellulite, minimizing pores, hair pillow masks, overnight gel etc. In my 10 odd years, whitening products had become part of my essential facial routine that I absolutely can't miss. When I was younger, I used to be very tanned as I play sports often (Well, no one can really see that I was once a sportsman ). Many of my relatives praised my sister for her fair and beautiful skin while I, wasn't so lucky as pimples would pop out almost every week. It was until 16 when I learnt to take good care of my skin. Though i had pimples occasionally, but it wasn't as bad as i were 10 years ago.

Alright, enough of my 'those days', we shall see Glamabox has for February this time!

1. Swiss O Par - Passion Fruit
2. Swiss O Par- Blossom Honey

These pillow like hair mask comes in a box of 20 pieces for SGD66.70. Different flavours served different function. For Passion Fruit, it is suitable for normal and structurally damaged hair. Rich in vitamin C, it prevents split ends and protects from free radicals, restoring damaged hair. Strengthens and nourish scalp. great resistance to breakage and increases vitality. 

Blossom Honey is a hair supplement and suitable for all hair types. Contains honey which makes hair soft and smooth. Antibacterial and antioxidant. Increase water content of hair and promotes gloss and shine. 

Instructions: Cut open the Hair Mask Pillow. Pour out the contents and distribute the hair mask evenly through your hair. Leave it on for approx 2 minutes and wash off with water. You may considering leaving it on for 20 minutes for better results.   

3. Pico White Scale

Prevent skin deterioration, decreases production of skin pigment, brighten skin and reduce winkle!!

Instructions: Apply cream over the face before bed.

4. Pico Booster Mask

More like an anti aging product, It contains vitamin E, boosting up cell overnight to generate skin and make the skin cells shed faster and more efficient to reduce problems of aging.

Instructions: Apply thick layer to mask to face, avoid eye area.

5. Dream Skin - Pore Clear Snail Whitening Clay Mask

Mask has refresh texture. Purifies and minimize pores, helps whiten skin.

Instructions: Use the spoon provided in the package and apply on skin. Wait for 15-20 minutes until dry. Wash off with lukewarm water.

6. Jayanti - Cellulite Cream

Contain high content of aloe vera gel, with organic virgin olive oil and wild harvested horse chestnut, peppermint and burdock extracts. Effective in treating, water retention of water, stretch marks and reduction, cellulite and stretch marks. 

Instructions: Apply and massage on area to reduce cellulite and blemishes until 2-3 times per day. 

7. Jayanti - Recovery Serum

Scar healing, anti-inflammatory, anti aging, pore-tightening and hydroponic film re-balancing properties, helps to treat troubled blemishes. Product from Italy.

Instructions: Apply on troubled area of face, avoid contact with eyes and lips. Apply cream on the back of hands first.  

8. Dorissiderm -  Radiant Overnight Gel Mask

Ingredients of natural seaweed, plants with anti-inflammatory detoxification and stabilization function which also helps in moisturizing, soothing, whitening, anti radicals, repairing, calm and reduce acne scars.

Instructions: Apply small amount onto face and neck for 3-60 minutes and wash off with water. Otherwise, you can aply overnight and wash off the next morning for better results.

9. Dorissiderm - Molecular Hydration

One step moisturizer for skin. Penetrates the deepest structure of your skin, moisturizing and nourishing 

Instructions: Apply appropriate amount to entire skin after cleanser in the morning and night.

10. eFresh - Perfect Skin Therapy Eye Cream with Green Caviar Extract

Moisturizes and rejuvenates the eyes area. 

Instructions: Apply over eye area over using ascendant motion every morning and night.

 eFresh - White Pure Whitening Cream

Gel cream texture with Apline Rose, Rose Stem Cells, and soft spring water properties. Nourishes and hydrates while clarifying the complexion and prevent the formation of winkles.

Instructions: Smooth over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck using upwards motion. Use every morning and night.

eFresh - White Pure Whitening Essence

Concentrated whitening treatment to reduce dullness and induce the skin with inner radiance. Brightens skin, prevent winkles and recharge skin to stay healthy and luminous. Product can be absorbed easily.

Instructions: Apply to face morning and night followed by moisturizer.  

11. Beautymate: Ultimate Whitening Invisible Mask

Multiple whitening factor. Inhibits melanin production and stimulate youthful cell renewal for brighter, more radiant skin, 

Instructions: Spreak mask over face and leave it on 15-20 minutes. 

12. Advanced - Illuminating Moisturizer

Moisturisng and nourishing skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and elastic. With vitamin B3, C and E, antioxident and essential oils, helps in moisturize the skin. and will not clog pores.

Instructions: Apply small amount onto face and neck every morning and evening.

13. Advanced Illuminating Serum

Moisturize skin, , reduce fine lines and promote cell regeneration. 

Instructions:    Apply small amount and apply face and neck every morning and evening

14. Advanced - Illuminating Cleaner

Removes dirt and makeup. Deep cleanse pore , effective in whitening skin and keeping skin smooth and moist.

Instructions: Massage face in circular motion avoiding eyes, rinse with warm water and pat on dry skin area everyday.

15. Advanced- Face Lift

Reduces facial winkles, revitalizing skin cells and improve skin elasticity. Anti-inflammatory and hydrating extracts which sooth, clarify and brighten the skin.

Instructions: Apply small amount of amount and apply face and neck every morning and evening.

16. Advanced  - Eye Lift

Resolve ageing eye and relieve baggy eyelids, dark circles. Contain ingredients which delay skin aging and eye-oxidants function.

Instructions: Apply small amount to eye every morning and evening.

If you love to try their products, you may want to visit their website at : http://sg.glamaclub.com/ for more information!!

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