Tawan Biz Trip + Jay Chou concert 2013

Im finally back from TAiwan!

It was really a 3 fruitful days in taiwan. After bidding my dear goodbye, i went to my gate.. Alone.. I sat on a lonely airplane  for 4.5 hrs.. Ate the yucky food provided on the airplane.

When i reached there, i met my colleague who came to pick me up. At night, we went to shilin to have dinner

After that we went back hotel to prepare for our next day. 

On the second day, we visited computex. It was really an awesome place but the products are more or less homogeneous. 

There are lots and lots of beauty at the fair.

Mei nu hahaha! She poses for me! Sweet isn't she?  Anyway after visiting, my colleague and i went to eslite store to find books. At night, our customer treated us to dinner and that was end of the day. 

On the last day, we went to ximending and taipei university befpre heading to airport.

At night, i had finally met my dear n family at the airport!! I had missed them !! Dear carried my luggage and fetch us to eastcoast  to have dinner. 

On saturday, we met up to go to jay chou concert together. We were quite excited about it as jay has been our idol for years. I put on some makeup which i learnt from the lesson.. I had finally learnt to put on fake eyelashes.. And i love them a lot! They make my eyes fuller and deep set.

I love my eyes. Hahaha

And my handsome dear!

Love you muackz! 

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