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Welcome April :)

It will be a busy month again. Dear will be having his exam in May and his birthday in April. Up till now, he hasn't really studied anything yet. Wish you luck dear.

As for me, i had my own activities last week. I met up me babes on Friday and we had a nice chat. Everyone has their own life. While it has also been a while since we met up with Adeline, i hoped she is doing well too. Our 10 years of friendship, still gossiping about our old school mates and their updates. I guess these topics will still be hot for the next few years.

Our company is going 1 soon and i am still their admin assistant. I have no idea how far i can go but for now, just wait and see my progress. I have been not updating some photos too.

In March, i have been:
- Meeting up my babes twice
- Meeting dear umpteen times
- Working
- Few shopping's but i did not buy anything much

Last but not least, planning for my dear's birthday.

Let me update some photo

Celebrating 10 years of friendship!

I used to call my babe up and we talk for hours over the phone.
How i missed those days... ...

With the fashionista sitting between us: Lesley!

Our brunch at Kith Cafe!

Photo taken yesterday! The Host
Miss you sweetie

Right now, im still planning for my dear's birthday, hopefully i will be able to surprise him again... ...

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