Its been awhile since i help my dear to blog..

Have not been seeing her for 2 days and also the next 1.5days  due to our busy schedules. Met her on Monday after my MSM PRELIM after which we went for a jog around her place. Been so long since we jog but nevertheless, we still manage to move our butt off the chair and went to exercise!! lol.. Although its only 2 rounds, i believe it still benfits in some way! haha.. So dear, we should begin to start jogging more regularly. :D

For the coming weeks and months, i believe our workload will be heavier and heavier. I will be busy with my work and studies while dear will be busy with her work. Hopefully we will still have time to meet each other and keep this blog active!!

Oh ya! We manage to get Jay chou Tickets on 8th of June Saturday!! Dear is always so lucky cause its her who manage to call in to SISTIC and get the tickets for the 8 of us! So.. we shall look forward to that and by then, my UNI exam would have been over and u will be starting to take up driving lesson right? haha..

Alright.. love u dear.. JYJY!

Stress ahh!! Bite u! :p

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