Brunch at Group Therapy

My good weekend started off with a sumptuous brunch at Group Therapy.

Group Therapy is located at Chinatown, stretching along 2 rows of shop houses. At one look, one can feel the tranquility and serenity of the place.

Group Therapy is located at 2nd floor of a shop house. It is quite unusual because the door is closed, very different from other cafe where people will be standing at the entrance to serve and wait on you. The moment you opened that door, you can hear the buzzing sound of the machines and the greeting of your presence

It is quite a small cosy area and its really good for friends gathering. 

It is interesting to find that they used egg tray to hold satchels of sugar. Not only that, they had used many recycle materials in very creative ways. 

Well, the food are pretty delicious and fulling. The display of the food makes you mouth-water. No wonder it is rated one of the best brunches place and foods in Singapore.

His food

Her food

Overall, the experience is pretty good and i would give 2 thumbs up for the food and atmosphere.

For me, I will definitely go back again for the food!

Address: #02-01, 49 Duxton Hill
Phone: 62222552

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