Company Dinner + Owen Seafood

I am just like a happy girl who is very doted by my boyfriend.... ...

Few days ago, i had received an sms from sijie. It was sent to me in the middle of the night. And hopefully he is doing well too. It been months since i got his messages and after so many months, i replied him for the first time. It has been a week since he sent me any weird message. And of course, hope that this is the last one. I also did realise that he had unblocked me from the facebook because i was able to see his profile on mutual friend's fb ever since.... ...

For work, i will be in this company for 6 months during this 27th december. Many things have been in place too; like food, stationary, printer, and even business. I have been putting on weight as many people had told me. I had too much good food already. Boss is away for 3 weeks as he has to go back to his country to re-unite with his family, while the rest of us, willing be working hard in Singapore. Before boss left, he treated us to our first company dinner at li bai restaurant in Sheraton Hotel at Scotts road. The dinner amounted to $1k plus, as he invited wei xiong and my colleagues boyfriend. Before he left, he gave each of his employee $200 voucher to shop at Marina Bay Sands. I really appreciate my boss as he recognise our efforts and how much we had put in for this company. He is a very nice boss. Im really lucky to meet one during my first job searching. I wonder how many bad bosses are there out there in the business world. Will i be able to meet a fine boss like him when i left the company in future?

My boss Allan and Mr Hio
Two great bosses!

After the dinner, dear and i and all of us sent Allan to the airport to see him off. Shall miss our great boss! As its late, dear sent Mr Hio and his family home too ^^.

On Wednesday, the weather was pouring and dear had a christmas celebration with his colleagues at Owen seafood. The food there were so-so. And what's worst was that we could pick our seafood. It is kinda cruel to see those live animal being killed and cooked before serving to our tables as delicacies. If its me, i rather not pick them at all. I feel guilty to see them alive once. It was also Mei yan birthday and 9 of us were there to celebrate for her. Zhi yuan's gf brought twelve cupcake to the table. 


This is what we had. Colin looked so funny taking that photo with the other two friends. Those two are so shy and embarrassed taking photo with Colin. Wonder why Colin is so weird... Maybe his weirdness attracted his girlfriend.

Las two days were shopping days. Dear is still hunting for his leather shoes but to no avail. His taste and expectations are just to high. This morning, we went down to Tampines and Ceyi met us up to get her clarins product. I never never expect dear to have bought Tense up Product from Fancl for me to drink. He just spent $166 on 3 boxes. Dear knows i want to stay pretty and that was why he bought me those. Awww.... Love you dear!! Muackz

In the afternoon, we went down to orchard to hunt for his shoes again but nothing catches his eyes. After 1.5 hour in orchard, its time to left and head down to MBS to get my stuff. It was pouring heavily but this time, i brought my umbrella with me so that our shopping would not be hindered. Dear sheltered me all the way to his car, getting himself partially wet. Then at MBS, we had our dinner at ding tai feng and shopped around for my stuff so as to spend the $200 voucher. After walking for so long, i finally settled on: A gucci pouch!! They are having 30% discount and cost $378. After minusing off the $200, dear paid the remaining $178. Its another christmas present, he said. Though i am very happy, i felt heartache for burning a hole in his pocket. 

As your girlfriend, i should help you save money and not make you spend more. But thanks dear, despite my headache, im still very happy that you bought me the things i had wanted :P

Some photos to end this post:

Of course, not forgetting to post my 'kris-mas' photo online... ...

I love you dear ^^

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