Mei Ching Wedding + Graduation photo

Hi guys, back to my blogging habit. One week once. Im having my long holiday as i took a day off tomorrow. Going back to work on wednesday.

Two days ago, everyone was very panic as they thought the doom day was here. But there i was very excited about mei ching's wedding. She was married on the doom auspicious date! She had been together with kenny for many years and they really had been through up and down. Their wedding was grand , held at Fairmont Hotel. We had quite abalone and and some other expensive foods. The foods are nice and we were full. I am really happy for them. I met mei ching even before she and kenny got together. I envy their ever-lasting love!

Dear had also went to custom made his clothes for mei ching wedding haha. Ok la, not really for mei ching wedding but for himself. I wore a white dress and red heels..

Yesterday. We went to take family photo at serangoon broadway. The photo shoot wasnt as well as the one at raffles studio. We couldn't get to see the photos we took until the collection day. It is bad.

After taking photo , we had dinner at the fish head steamboat at serangoon road: 天外天。The foods were nice and the soup tasted the same as 10 years ago.

Today, dear worked in the morning and we only met in the afternoon. As for tomorrow, i will be meeting dear and his friends at clark quey.

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