Hi all, just a simple post before i go to sleep...

The last time i update my blog was on the 5th december. Has been almost one week again. Just a few updates over the days..

I met xiong on tuesday to have dinner at marche. It was
raining heavily but still, nothin spoils our mood. We were the hungry 二人组 who ordered a number of food after queueing up for a while. As dear did not drive on that day, we need to go off pretty early as both of us are quite far away from home.

On saturday, it was my nephew birthday and our family attended his celebration at west coast seafood restaurant. We are a close knitted family but our busy schedule made us meet up really lesser than before. We left the gathering at 5pm and went down to marina square to shop around a bit. We even bought large fries for supper, which is really bad.

Though im feeling tired right now, but i will still want to continue writing up my blog.

And today, dear woke up early morning to fetch me to orchard as i am meeting someone else. Our shopping starts as soon as we finished our lunch. Dear bought a few items but i really bought a lot of items yet costing lower then him.

I had also used the stila eyeshadow which dear bought me last month. The colour is very nice n it suits my eyes.

This dear.. Carrying my bag all day.. Xin ku ni le..

Night all!

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