Its a very relaxing weekend whereby on saturday morning, my sis and i had manicure at bugis street. She did gelish while i did classic manicure and currently, my nails are painted in turquoise. Then after we had our nails done, darren sent me to plaza sing as i wanted to get something for dear. We are celebrating 8th month anniversary together and so, i wanted to get him a proper gift because i hadn't gave him any for the past months.

I knew what i wanted to get for him :) I went to shops to compare the gifts and finally settled on one. As its still within my budget, i bought it.

After that, i carried the plush to mbs to meet my cousins. They were having chalet at mbs haha. High class place! Dear was working so he did not go there. Mum n i stayed there for a little while before settling off to marina square to have our dinner.

And with my plush, we went home after fulling our stomachs. The moment i reached home, i do my necessary stuffs and took out wrapping paper!! I Wrapping the plush took me half an hour but dear tore it within seconds o.o
It was alright as i want him to feel surprise :)

This morning, i get myself prepared while waiting for dear to come. He had planned our anniversary today and hopefully all plans went smoothly :)

I brought his present to his side with my cheeky smile , telling him to open. I know he will like it:) I had added a new family member to his toy collection!!! Haha.

Our 1st activity was to sing at kbox. It has been a long time since we sang. My voice wasn't as good as before :( But i managed to sing through that 3 hours. Our lunch was sumptuous, with manhattan fish n chip n spaghetti.

At 2pm. We spent our time at acarde. We played for 1 hour plus before setting off to our next destination.

Dear was so scared that i did not like our next activity but please assure dear, i enjoyed the whole process :) it was definitely a great experience!! It was at g.spa. A place for recreation and body care. Dear had booked an appointed for couple massage !! Im so happy because i have been having backache and neck stiffness since i started work. And whats more they have jacuzzi and free flow of food and water! We can use any facilities inside the hub but of course the price is sly high too.

In the place, there's a lot of males compare to female but it was an enjoyable process. The place was dimmed and has nice ambience. We were brought to cafeteria before starting our massage at 5pm. It was a 60 min massage, body massage. The massager was so good that she unwind and cracked every joint n bone in my body. I felt revitalized! After that dear and i had mee rubus and lotus rice and enjoyed the jacuzzi at level 3.

We spent 4 hours in the g.spa and headed off to udders at 9pm.

Dear wor, thank you for planning this day. What i gave you was a mini present. I know u only hug ur bloster to slp, but now u have a toy to really hug to slp every night. You made me feel fortunate to have you and i'm not tired at all repeating this line. If you like me to sing in front of you while you are resting, i will cos i want you to feel happy with me:) and i will too. Happy 8th month anniversary. Hope there's more more anniversary to come :) muacks! And i love you :)

Here are some photos for these day:

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