Hi readers, im back here again after days and days of working. For the past 2 weeks, i was stationed at OG people's park until the end of December. The distance were far and i was late for a couple of days. Mum had her opt done and now she is recovering at home! YEAH! But of course, my lazy brother is just one useless bum who only knows how to play com everyday without helping in household chores. Most of his time he will be either going out with his friends or inviting his friends over for a game fight. Boys at this age are still not matured to understand the importance of seeing himself as a part of family responsibility.
As for me, work has once again, bored me down with zero sales today. Where has all the customers went to? People are only rushing in to have a shopping spree or enjoying the mood but just no spending power. Toilets are always the hotspot for old people and workers around chinatown as toilet is free to use with free access and free toilet roll and free aircon and free music. Who wouldnt want all these? Simple too irresistible to not use the toilets.
Dear says i am becoming more and more grumpy these few days, which i had not always been in the past. He claimed that my grumpy behaviour has got to do this him. But dear, i will grumble. However, i will be fine in a little while. Hope my PMS is causing me to see things negatively for these few days. Dear has been coming to eat dinner with me everyday and when i say everyday, it means everyday. And worst of all, i had been leeching from him since dunnoe when. My god! Dear ah, its not easy being my atm. You need to let me spend some money too!! :x But dear has been good to me since dunnoe when too and i really appreciate his loving character. He comes to find me and fetch me to work whenever he can and send me home whenever he can. And most of the time, even after work, our mouth couldn't stop moving. For example:

Im going to be fat soon <3. 

In December, i will be also meeting my preps up! Miss them so much. Our own activities are just eating up our personal time too much. Once a while get together still feel great and refresh ^^. 

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