Busy Life

It seems so long again since i login to my blog. Life is so busy these days. I should need a good update to what is going on with life...

In January 2018, our company is buy going through the transition of implementing Oracle in Singapore. This means that we are on the same platform globally; Taiwan, Korea, US and soon they are moving to Japan. With this, it has kept us busy at least 6 months. All the superusers gone through the difficult moments together to the verge of breaking down and giving up. It was almost a mental torture trying to keep up with work and problems with the system. So much so, we are all still alive.

Granny was discharged from hospital from almost a week before Chinese New Year and we are happy to have her back at home. She has been staying in Hospital since Nov when my siblings and i went for the Batam trip. However, during the CNY period, she was on sleeping pill as she didn't have a good sleep for a long time. We hired another maid to look after her, bought the hospital bed, wheelchair and her necessities. But to our surprise, she was again admitted to hospital on the 4th night of CNY. Love and i rushed down to the hospital to look at her. She has became so thin that her bones were just covered with skin.

As she was unconscious,we left the hospital and went home separately. The next day at around 5pm, i received 5-6 calls from my dad. At that time i was having a conference call with customer. As i didn't pick up the phone, dad sent me a text message and to my horror, he said that grandma has passed away,told me to go hospital to thank her for everything that she did for us. I wanted to go but in the end i was stopped. I felt very sad but there was nothing i could do.. My dad and uncles did a grand funeral to send her off her last journey.

It was a somber CNY.4

In 2 more weeks, my very bestie, Jasmine, is getting married. I am very happy for her and i wish her well and happy. Shall post more photo if i can after her wedding.

And this year, i am getting married too. To date we have not planned anything yet as we are all busy with work. 

Alright, time to stop blogging and take a break. 

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