Getting keys and new house opening

We finally took our keys on 5th Nov. It was long long wait since we applied our house in 2013. Initially, I didn't want to apply house with him because I was only a year in my job. I didn't have any money then and how was I supposed to afford a $300,000 flat? But anyway, Xiong was enthusiastic ( I knew he would marry me) and so we went ahead.

On the 5th Nov, Xiong and I woke up to an early morning. Our appointment was 8.15am and it was raining. I couldn't laze on my bed any longer or otherwise we would be late for the appointment. Xiong drove to Toa Payoh Hub and parked his car at the basement.

Before going to the queue, we had to make a payment for fire insurance. It is kinda like an insurance to protect our walls in case of fire. After that, we had to queue to take our keys.

It was about 45 minutes discussion at the HDB. Our CPF were totally wiped out and we still had about $200k to pay off. We took a loan of 20 years, hoping to pay off as soon as we can so that we wouldn't have to pay so much for the interest. We had agreement in mind so we didn't take a full day to think about the loan. After taking the keys, we didn't go to open our new house. We had a stay cation at M Social and were only allowed to open our new house on 9th Nov.


Before opening, we went to seek advice on what to do and how to pray. We were advised to buy Huat Kueh, 5 oranges, 进盒, joss stick and some kim zua.

We placed the items on the floor with red disposable plate. While praying, we have to say all the goods words, like informing the god whose this house belong to, pray for abundance joy and good health etc. We prayed to the 4 corners as well as mentioned by Xiong and my aunty. While waiting for the joss stick to burn to near half, we were mingling with the electricity and water point where we couldn't switch them on earlier. We tried to switch them on with the allan key provided by the HDB but we couldn't to. Luckily, his brother who was staying nearby came to see us and helped us with the allan key. He managed to turn on the water supply! All the switches were working well and good. After 30 minutes, Xiong brought the joss stick and kim zua to the burning urn at the void deck. 

I was happily snapping photo of our new house:

Our kitchen

Kitchen wall

One of our room

And... toilet

I am supposed to put the oranges and huat kueh on the highest point in my house. The highest point I have at home is our toilet bowls. My dad saw and and he was like wtf when i showed him this photo.

Before leaving the house, we scattered salt and rice on the floor . Not sure what it means but i believe it meant good. 

Alright, that's be all for today. Will keep us updated on the our renovation progress soon!

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