A date with Vivian to JB

Since the start of my new job, I have been blogging lesser and lesser. After ending a day work, I would go home to have my dinner, surf the net  before getting some rest.

There are so many things I wanted to blog about but I always ended up procrastinating it. 

For today, I am going to blog about my friend !!

She is my ex-colleague actually but we are still keeping in good contact. When I was in Eurustech, I knew that she she was learning make up from JB and she traveled every weekend to learn. She has an amazing husband who supports her all the way to drive her into JB. Sweet isn't it?

After a good 2 years, she was going to grad and she needed to look for a model. I was so honored that I was on her list :D I agreed to it immediately and I was her last model for her exam.

On that Saturday, she picked me up from my house in the late morning and his husband drove us into JB. There was a short jam at the custom and we reached there at about 1pm + . We grabbed some bread before going to the studio.

 I sat there comfortably while she was unpacking her make up items. There were lots of foundation, brushes, eyeshows etc. She was definitely nervous as it was her last leap of all the lessons and hard work she puts in.

I was so regretful that I didn't take a photo of myself before and after. By the time I took this photo, Vivian was already in the midst (or almost done) with the make up.

My face was definitely slapped with all the good and expensive products. And all of those were newly purchased! Can you imagine I am the first person she used those products on? 100% honored!

She is thinking what design to do on my hair. This is perhaps the last thing she wants to see on this post. And me? Busy snapping photos everywhere hahaha!

Dividing my hair to prepare for the design.

After doing much research, she decided to braid my hair. 
The design is showing~ Look at all the braids!

It wouldn't take long for her to finish the hair-do. And the final look:

Not sure why my Iphone quality is so bad.

Looking at the side of my hair

My hair isn't very long that time so I think there is limit to what she is able to do.

And to the make up artist, thanks for making me so pretty on that day. You definitely has the skills!

I was taking a number of selfies before we left the studio.

Obviously, I was trying to act cute.

Alright, enough of my photos. We left the studio at about 5 plus. Vivian got her cert and I could say that she is now a certificate MUA. I had wanted to engage her for my ROM but Whitelink allows me to use the trial make up for my ROM. I might look for her again to do make up for my traditional wedding in 1 - 2 years time. 

We had dinner at the nearby Aeon shopping mall before we head home. The jam wasn't that bad as we were at custom for about 1 hour (If i didn't remember wrongly). And home sweet home

Signing off here~~

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