Hens Night for my Cousin

She is my first best friend when I was born. We took lessons together when we were children; the days when our teacher couldn't recognize us because we looked almost the same. During school holiday, we will stayed over at granny's house for few days.

And in 1 week's time, she is getting married, moving on the next stage of life with her beloved.

But before she is officially married, the sisters(her bridesmaid) prepared 1 special night...

And this is her, my pretty cousin, Esther!

Together with the 6 of us, her bridesmaid, we checked in an apartment in Clementi, thinking of the gate-crashing games. The apartment was booked by her. She found a good place through Airbnb and it could house 8 of us. There are 3 bedrooms, and a balcony with good view.

Living room


Though the afternoon, we made ourselves comfortable while discussing the gate crashing games. 
We shall not go into the details. Everything shall reveal in 1 weeks time.

Other bridesmaid~ My cousins SQ friend and her uni friend.

After a short discussion, we managed to settle the gate crashing game. By then, all of us were so hungry that we were taking some snacks.

We started her hens night at Wala Wala. It is a good old western bar which served pizza, pizza, alcoholic drinks and sides.


All of us wore the devil's horn to start the night. The smoked pizza is very delicious as the duck slices are covered with nacho cheese.

Of course we ordered other foods like their buffalo wings and truffle fries.It was enough for all of us. 
After filling our stomach, we started the games. 

One of my cousin's friends, Eunice, planned the games for her. She is a very thoughtful lady who really thought how to spice up the games :X She bought the cartooned penis-like cards from online specially for her.

Cute isn't it?

Seriously, I will not talk much of what we did that night but I must say that the games were safe, not outrageous nor it is very sexual. My cousin might be a little crazy but deep down inside, we are deeply rooted to our traditional belief.

A photo with the bride to be.

At the end of the games, we took a group photo and all of us went our ways. My boyfriend came up to pick me and off to home we went~~

All her bridesmaid are pretty okay! :X

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  1. Oh wow, I only saw this post now.. ❤❤❤

    I forgot about the art class until you mentioned it now! The teacher really thought we were sisters! Hahaha miss those times..

    Can't believe that I'm married now and soon it will be your turn.. We have grown up. :(

    Hopefully next time our children can be close cousins like we were! :)