Amway: Artistry Hydra V Series

Ever heard of this brand: Artistry? I am sure some of you are a big fan of this brand and that you have a full range of products from facial products to make up items. However, I am also not surprised if you had not heard of this brand before since Artistry do not sell their products through retail.

Just a short summary: Artistry is not a new brand, just like other cosmetics line, they are an established brand with more than 20 years of history. They offer full range of products for all ages and wide selection of cosmetics for all women. You can check them out through this website.

After many years of a Clarins user, I switched my range of facial products to Artistry. I get to know of this brand though my sister, who started to use their products recently. It all started out by knowing Amway and that is where Artistry was recommended to me.   

The set comes with a facial cleanser, toner and 50ml of moisturiser.

As the series explains, Hydra V sets to lock in the moisture to your skin, keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.  

Gentle gel type of cleanser which helps to remove excess oil, makeup. At the demo session of Hydra V, they did a test on the PH level of the gel and was tested that it is acidic. Please don't freak out if it is acidic, you should be happy. From there, I learnt that ladies face is generally more acidic as compared to men and to maintain healthy skin, we should be using a cleanser which help maintain our PH level, not neutralizing them. An alkaline cleanser might instead, causes dry and sensitive skin.

Transparent type of gel texture which gives off a very mild pleasant smell

Slowly building up foam after lathering.

The gel is very gentle as the foam is not too concentrated after lathering. I like the mild scent of the cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh after 1 wash. Unlike other products, I do not feel as much tightness to my cheeks. 

Non-alcohol toner which removes remaining dirt and makeup, as well as condition skin to allow better absorption of moisturizer. This toner is 200ml and I believe it can last me for a period of time.
I applied the product using cotton pad. The lotion itself has a rich content as my skin tends to be brighter and supple after wiping my skin. 

This moisturizer is 50ml in size. It looks really small in my hands and not sure how long it can last me. However, size doesn't matter as long as the product is awesome! Application is easy; just apply all over your face with 2 pumps after toner. The lightweight gel leaves my skin cool upon application. After tapping motion, my skin turns matte , refined and radiant! It doesn't look or feel oily like some other products do. 

Trying to take a closeup photo of the gel. Kind of like a watery gel.

Just after application, my skin is sooo hydrated!

After a while, my skin becomes matte. 

I like this type of product because at times, i tend to leave home without makeup. It doesn't make me look like an oily pan and my skin wouldn't shine for the wrong reason.

Overall, I feel that it is a good product to use as my skin did not appear to be sensitive after usage. Also, my skin is not over drying and it doesn't produce as much oil after few hours.  If you would like to learn more on the product, you may visit the website at: .

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