Completed a Manicure Course !!

Adding another achievement to my life, i had completed my Pro Gel course at J Studio. I am happy that i have completed something which I wanted to do years ago. I never thought that painting nails would be my passion in my teen to adult life.

I was a nail biter, just like my sis and we used to bite our nails whenever we saw the white line growing above the fingertip. It was until in my mid teens, when I saw people selling stickers for nails, i was so awe by it and since then, i stopped the habit of biting nails and was determined to grow them. In my sec school life, I was a netball-er from Sec 1 to 2. During Sec 3, i dragged going to my CCA as i had to cut them short whenever I went for lessons. At times, I was caught having long nails by my own form teacher. I like having designs on my nail but wasn't as crazy that i paint them to school. I was a good student after all.

By the age of 20, I have about 20-30 bottles  of nail polish  at home. Used to paint them in my poly school days and my colour would be black or navy blue or purple and other odd colours. Tried my first gelish at age 22? And the feeling was awesome as i was able to afford to go for a mani service.  

And now, i am learning for a passion and hopefully, a freelance one too.  

I used to harp to my friends that i had always wanted to learn the skill of the manicure. They told me it was getting common now,but its just something i wanted to do. It would be definitely cost me some money but if i feel right, perhaps , just let me try it. Love was very disapproving that i would spend my money on my passion but in the end , he just say: go for it then. He doesn't agree but he was supportive. That's how he reacts. 

So I googled and chanced upon  J Studio. I was so mesmerized by her designs and that after looking at her course, I decided to contact her. She is a very nice lady and a serious manicurist haha. 
She took sometime to explain to me on the different courses which is offered and recommended me what I would be suitable for.  After giving much thoughts, I had decided to go for the Pro Gel course.

The whole journey was a satisfying one. Whenever I learnt a new pattern or skill, I am so excited and would like to draw another one with similar pattern.

Over the 3-4 months, I had learnt 20 designs with basic nail care etc.

Gel extension

The designs I had learnt below:

French Mani and single colour.

The 20 designs 

Right now, I am still practicing on my skills. Thanks to my friends, they are willing to lend me a helping hand. 

But most importantly, I would like to thanks my teacher, Jess Puan, who helped me achieve my dreams :) She taught me how to draw, the technique, the way to hold the brush, the amount of gel to pick up and etc.. Can't thank her enough!

Thanks Jess!! 

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