My Niece 1st Birthday @ With a Pinch of Salt

I was so busy that I couldn't find time to blog some events in my life.

My niece had turned 1 in October and we were really happy to see that she is growing up well. She has the "princess temper" and will throw tantrum whenever she did not get what she wants. Hope she will grow up to be fine lady soon.

To celebrate her 1 year birthday, my sis booked a cafe at Tanjong Katong for a mini gathering at With a Pinch of Salt. The cafe is painted with pastel blue strips, animated pictures and it gives a very cosy feeling. Children will like it a lot. It is able to house about 30 + people and the food is good.

Cute isn't it?

Cute right? Its all pastel pink.  My sis made contact with some bakery and customised her cake. 

This 2-tier cake cost about $200 plus and it weights 4 kg. My sis had it delivered to our house in the morning and we were to bring the cake to the cafe. It could not fit in our fridge and the base was too big. In the end, we kept it in my room, with the air conditioned on, in case the cream melts.

It started at 3pm and we were there on time. There were a couple (my sis friends) who were there early. 

Slowly, all the guests streamed in. 

My cousins,

Our in-laws

The cafe was totally filled up and there were not enough table and chairs for all of us . I was walking around most of the time and found a spot to stand comfortably. The foods were replenished from time to time to ensure that it was enough for all of us. 

I have to say that the foods were well cooked and delicious.

Baby was feeling frustrated the whole day. Not sure why but it could be that she is not used to the crowd.

After an hour or so, it time for cake cutting. We have to act fast because some of the guests had to leave early and also, the cafe had another event at 6pm. 

The family of 3. My sis, brother-in-law and baby Eng. 

Jie Fu and his family~

Our families. 

I was trying to put as much photos as i can in a collage to save space and efforts editing hahaha. 

The party ended at 5 plus and all of were us packing up. Sister distributed the party snacks to the kids before they left. And in a blink of eye, the party is over. 

This 1 year span of time taught me how to be an aunt, especially with kids, they are so fragile, innocent and precious. I have no kids of my own but I am really happy to seeing her being born and bringing happiness to the family. Everybody doted her like she is our own and we would give her the best. This is just what makes us human and I am glad that we encompasses love and affectation. 

Hope Baby Eng will grow up to be a happy being.

She definitely loves how my dad carries her to sleep each time she lies on his shoulder.

If you are living in the east and would like to hold a mini gathering for your kids birthday, With a
Pinch of Salt will be a good place for host. I am not affiliated to them but I feel that good place should be shared with readers.

With a Pinch of Salt

297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080
Tel: 63482297

Operating Hours:

Mon- Thur: 11am - 11pm
Fri - Sat: 11 am- am
Sun: 11am-11pm

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  1. I LOL at the part where u said u put the cake in ur room with air-con turned on. Hahahaha!
    Grow up with little zhi xuan!