Today will be my 1st blog post, after a month of frustrations, I feel that i'm beginning to let go, im beginning to see you as a friend, a very good friend of mine, we began to have normal conversations and  began  sms-ing again. Not talking about feelings, not talking about relationships, and i like it....  I hope a new future awaits me.

For this month, i have been working in metro, both in Seng Kang as well as City Square. I will be in City Square till 3rd of july. These one whole month in June, my 3 years of playmate has been sending me up and down, accompanying me for dinner. I really appreciate his efforts for doing all these for me.. and everything. Though there are certain things that cannot be forgotten, im burying this inside my heart so we can move on.. no matter what happens in the future :)  

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