Today is supposedly the last day of day but i asked to work for additional one week but my boss say no. So in the end i was given work for additional 3 days -till this sunday. I can feel that a lot of people are going to miss me :x Im not thick-skinned but im just saying the truth. For this past weeks, i have this very problem with the fat security. His irritating voice: Girl! *Pointing to the customers looking at other brands somewhere far from my counter* I ignore him most of the time but today. I just can't ignore and i was moody in the afternoon. Good one to vent my anger. So i shouted at him: Also not my product what!! Then he tiam tiam. I looked at him with the very tulan face. Since that moment on.. he did not dare call me anymore. ^^ 
Then later in afternoon, the supervisor scold him : Ask you to work u just shut up and stand at the entrance here, u go in and serve customers for what? This is not your job!!!! While the poor fatty just tried to argue back that there is no staff to serve customers. Then he was scolded again : You care the staffs or promoters so much for what?! Lol, poor guy, i was standing there listening when he was kana scolded. I suddenly felt sorry for this guy. Anyway, after that incident, i went to eat dinner at B1, ended up eating bitter-gourd. Good try i would say. And the comments on fb.. so weird.. weird that i don't know how to comment at all -.-   

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