My best friend's wedding!!

Can't count myself a blogger anymore. I ain't blogging at all.

Time to update some #throwback.

First and foremost, I am very happy that my BFF has married her schoolmate /boyfriend for 10 years. Being together for 10 years is no easy feat. I broke up with my boyfriend for 5 years and found another one and getting married after 6 years. Well, love is blind. At least Ah Xiong  still loves me the same after these 5-6 years. The current channel 8 is airing a drama series about baby, so i casually ask him a question: Bii, if you were to choose between me and baby, who will you choose to save first. His answer was: Of course save you lah! So i ask him: Why not our baby. He says:Cos you more important ma. For a moment, i felt that i am lucky to choose a man who loves me .

2 hours later.... At the carpark, he told me:Ah Bii, 男人的话不可以相信. 

Well, anyway,  Congratulations to my BFF

Colin and Jasmine.

In the morning, we had the usual stuff like gate crash and tea ceremony. Colin was lucky to have a easy gate-crash as bridesmaids are a bunch of gentle an demure ladies. Weather was good and all of us has a great time.


All of us knew each other since our Sec school days and it was really fun to reminisce our good old days. 

The bowenians  - Bride is busy taking her solo shoot haha! They chose to take some outdoor photos at Selatar. It a popular shooting place for wedding too!

Me and the bride.

We were rather on time when the morning session ended. Jas's family isn't huge and therefore the tea ceremony ended pretty fast. Colin's family is so much larger but somehow we also manage to keep it within the time.  Morning session ended around 1pm and all of us went home to rest before going down to MBS to help out on the reception.

At 3pm, we fetched Jas's parents and we were there early.

Doing her bridal make up in a room looking like some mamasan

As it was early,love and 1 sat at the reception table , watching the time tick by. He ended up being one of the receptionist for that night.

Table shot with the couple!

Her wedding ended well, there was no hiccups,unhappiness or any others. Everything went well and smooth. Food was good and i think we did a great job too! I truly feel happy for her and hope that the both of them will always be loving. The kind of happiness is beyond words especially with someone who we grew up for more than half of your life.  

In another 3 months time, it would be my turn to celebrate my big day!!

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