Life updates

It's 1 year. Finally I can remove my P-plate.This plate was passed down from my husband,then to his younger brother, and finally to me. Perhaps next can pass down to Linda? Hope she will get her license soon!

Workload is getting more and more as we are taking on new stuffs. Job is repetitive but i guess all jobs are the same. Our company has released bonus for this year and all seems good, as I felt that handwork does pay off. However, all my bonus will end up in in my house renovation and furniture.

I am looking forward to our new house and how it would end up to be. Doors were up and the latest update was that toilet glass door was up too. Contractor will be coming this Thursday to do carpentry work.

Last weekend, love and I went to have a short getaway at Hotel Jen Tanglin. They are currently having a weekend promotion for Recharge and Refuel and the price was attractive. Breakfast is add on service and it totaled up to $300. It was about 15 mins walk to Orchard and 7min to Hardrock Cafe.

Over the other weekends, Love and I will hop places and places to hunt for furniture and household accessories. I remembered the times we used to hop cafes to cafes during weekend but the hype seems to be over.

While moving on our life together as a couple, there are many things we must accept and love for who we are. It's not like child play that we can just break up if things doesn't work out. There are many things which  I learnt from my mum and dad throughout their wedding life. My love is an emo one and he is just an odd one sometimes. But I just love him, that's just him afterall. But whatever it is, the feeling that there's someone who will always be for you, feels like home...

Ya, that's him!

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