ROM Reception Decorations

Let's talk about our ROM decorations. As our's was a Solemnisation event, M Hotel didn't prepare much decoration for us. Beside the centerpiece for the ROM table and sash for each chair, the ballroom was completely bare. And so was our reception area.

So I decided to decor the reception on our own. 

I wanted those kind of like romantic settings, like flowers, photos, lights etc. I looked to Pinterest to find my inspiration and I saw a few pretty good ones but just felt that those decorations were hard to find, Ultimately, most of the photos were uploaded from overseas. What they might have would cost a bomb in Singapore. Locally here, our choices are also limited. You would either end up in Paper Market, Typo or Ikea, trying to find nice decorations. At the end of the day, they all sell similar stuffs and there wasn't any special embellishment. 

Taobao is my next source of idea.

Thanks to my ex-colleague, Vivian who taught me how to use Taobao, I became one of their fan and bought clothes more than I could wear them. I sourced a few items from there: Vase, photo-frame, love bird decoration and ring holder. Let's see ...

Our ROM was held at Anson Room 3. 

Overall decoration

For all these items, It cost me a total of less than SGD50!

Duel use, Blank and white board. RMB16.80 = SGD3.44. It comes with whiteboard marker, chalk as well as the stand.

The white roses was borrowed from my friend. So they are free! The Polaroid camera was given to me by my love. And those bling factor, was my art work haha. Saw the 2 love birds behind? They cost RMB31.10 = SGD3.36 for 2.

The love birds basically look like this:

Credits to Taobao

Moving on to the next, 

A college photo-frame would cost RMB24.77 = SGD5.06. I believe it cost twice the price in Ikea. 

And the vase? They cost RMB40 = SGD8.18. I bought the flowers on the day at Bedok Central before check in. The lilies, orange roses and baby breath were real. Petal came in small packet at SGD1 each. They cost me SGD20 in total. 

In total, they cost a mere SGD20++, not including the shipping cost. I bought most of the items from this seller. They sell really cute and unique decorations at an affordable price. You can find designs which you not get to see in Singapore, or even if you do, they would cost like twice the price locally.

Last but not least, doing up our very own "Mr and Mrs" Tag.

For this paper tag, I did mine less than 2 hours, hand drawn, cut and glued. I got this inspiration from Pinterest as well.  With a ribbon, I punched some hole on the letter and bind them together. 

Credits to our photographer, Wei Teck

I should have used some plain dark colour instead of using the polka dots paper. It made the words so unreadable. 

Credits to our photographer, Wei Teck.

And yes, not forgetting the feather pen. We borrowed the feather pen from Xiong's sister-in-law. Her feather did make the whole picture complete.

Credits to our photographer, Wei Teck

You saw the feather pen? She bought it from Taobao too but I'm not sure which seller she bought from.

And I had finished the introduction of all these decors. Signing off here~~

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