Cancelling our wedding at M Hotel

By now, I believe everyone would know that Love and I are calling off the wedding next year. It's not because of any third party or we had any disagreement, it is because of my family situation.

There are lots of complications going on like settling my mum burial matters, finding a suitable date within the 100 days of my mum's death, searching for a suitable JP who is available for our ROM, informing M Hotel that we are not able to proceed our wedding next year, informing our bridal studio to call off the gown trying session etc.

Calling off our wedding ... ... 

It definitely doesn't feel right to go through the traditional wedding as we all know in Chinese custom, it would not be good for new couples. However, we still have to go through the Solemnization as our house would be ready next month. After settling my mum's funeral and other miscellaneous stuffs, we finally had the time to contact our coordinator, Fiona, to inform her of our situation. 

Previously, we paid the deposit of $5,000 to secure the date and banquet for next year but now, we won't be holding our wedding anymore. We called to check with Fiona if anything could be done to help us as $5,000 is not a small sum. Initially, we were hoping that M Hotel would be able to do a full refund so that we can use the money to hold a small family event somewhere else in another restaurant. But hotels are not charity, they run a business based on profit and returns. Since we redraw the wedding 6 months before our big day, M Hotel is only able to refund half the amount, which is a mere $2,500. All these were written in the contract before we signed. therefore there is no way we can argue and win this case even if we take this to court. Love and I were left with 2 choices:

1) To take back our $2,500 and  hold our solemnization somewhere else or
2) To hold our ROM in M Hotel and maximizes our deposit.

Logically, we seems rightful to go for the second choice.  After we informed Fiona of our decision, she sent a list of ROM package for our reference. For the solemnization, we can choose buffet or seat-down style, with minimum number of people or tables. We do have a 1 night stay at a deluxe room (not bridal room), free flow of tea and soft drinks and the whole of reception area. Wine and beer are charged separately but there is a waiver of corkage fee. All these are decent enough as at the end of the day, we do not hold much bargaining power. 

Fiona gave us a function room at B1, which can easily hold 4-5 tables. 1 table is estimated to be $950 ++. We are able to almost maximize our deposit, perhaps adding a few bottles of wine and canapes would hit $5.000. Carpark coupons were given based on the number of guests attending. Not sure if there would be door gift but we might be asking for it.

To us, to hold a ROM with $5,000 is way too expensive. Not at least to the people whom i know unless left with no choice. 

Alright, signing off here, will provide more update on our solemnization soon. 

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