Getting on with life

In 2 days time it would be my mum's 1st month death anniversary. My dad and I were back to our usual working schedule. On weekends, my sister and brother in law would come back to pray to my mum. We are still doing mum's 49 days and it would end after National Day.

Our house has been rather quiet without mum's presence. Now, when dad is back, he would pray to gods , after which, sit in front of the TV, watch some drama before taking his dinner. In the past, mum would wait for him to be home before they had dinner together. If dad is home late, I  would have dinner with mum in the kitchen. Ever since I started working, I realized that home cooked food tastes better than anywhere outside. Everyday after a day of hardwork, I would look forward going home to see what my mum cooks. Though it last only 4 years, but that was the best time of my life with her.

Her sudden dead still haunts me when I am alone. I couldn't forget that day when she had breathing difficulties at home. We called the ambulance and drove to the A&E immediately. As expected, she was admitted in the hospital. I remembered vividly what happened on a Sunday night. It was heart-breaking and painful when you see your mum pulling out the oxygen mask but gasping for air when she was not reliant on the oxygen. There was not a lot of doctors around during weekend and we were just on our own. We stayed by her side through the night. She fought for her life till she gave up her last breathe on a Monday's night.

After her passing, we have lots of work to do. We have to find a place for her in Mandai, pick her bones, do some prayer for her etc. We also have to inform HDB of her passing, withdrawal of her CPF to her nominations, the bank accounts etc.

As for me, I am cancelling my wedding on 5th Jan 2017 and will be doing our ROM on 16th Sept. We will be doing it within 100 days for our sake. Honestly speaking, me and Love do not have much time left but I am glad that he is always here whenever I need him around.  He took a week leave to help out on mum's wake which I really appreciate a lot.

Counting down to 2 months, love and I have to settle on a number of things like the number of guests coming for our ceremony, choosing our outfit for our ROM, settling on our wedding bands, finding Justice of Peace who is available on the Friday and upcoming house renov which we should be getting in the 3rd quarter this year.

Hopefully, all will go smoothly. Mum, please bless us. ...