My Chinese New Year 2016

I have been missing out on my blogpost for a while. And oh ya, Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine' to you guys. It has been a while.

Just a short summary on my Chinese New Year.

This year, New Year is pretty quiet for me. We were only given 2 days and we were back to work on Wednesday. But at least, I felt that my holiday was well spent.

On the New Year Eve, we stayed at home and ate the foods left from the prayer in the morning.

At night, we lo hei. Thanks to my sister, we get to enjoy Jumbo Seafood's Yu Sheng every year.

On my new Year Eve.

On the 1st day of New Year, we had our gathering at my Uncle's house. It is the 2nd time we had gathering there. For the last 20 years, all of my paternal relatives came to our house for gathering, but as my mum is not in the right condition to host, we decided to bring our gathering to my uncle's house.

I got to wear nice clothes for the second time in my last 26 years. So kua zhang hahaha! We had steamboat and lots of CNY snacks. I am putting on weight this time round. 

My little sick niece who got to whiny on that day.

And wait, we had reunion lunch with love's family at Punggol Settlement. I had forgotten the name of the restaurant but the food was good. They served seafood.

This is love's family. Small family he has haha.

On day 2, we went to my aunty's house for another gathering. 

And my family from my mum side.

I grew up with my cousin who now has a family on their own. All of us are busy but we try our best to stay connected. 

I wonder how we will spend our CNY next year. Perhaps next year I won't be staying home to help out or anything like that as i realized that it might be the last year I will be home, counting down New Year with my family after my marriage.     

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