My bestie is getting married!

January 2015. A year to new resolution, new life and a toast to me getting a year older.

And a year of busyness.

I am counting down to our wedding date as each day passes like nobody's business. As I get older, I feel that time is not enough for myself and family. Work takes up my weekday while I could only allocate the weekends for my family and friends.

I will be attending 2-3 weddings this year. My best friend of 14 years will be getting married to her beau of almost 8 years this Saturday. When she announced her ROM date, I was having mixed feeling, somehow, happy,sad, nostaglic, excited... I am happy that she is getting married.. but sad on the fact that we are getting old.

We watched each other grow since our secondary school days, went out shopping over the weekends, explored Bangkok together and chill out at times after a day of hectic work. Now, she will be a wife to a man.

We went prawning together recently.

And over the years... I had accumulated the photos.. Look how much we had changed!

We were once cui too hahaha.

Shall take more photos this Saturday on her ROM . 

And oh well, signing off here.

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