Dazzling Cafe at City Hall

I'm starting on something with my life. Something which I had always wanted to do but gave up due to lack of financial support. My parents will not support me going for it as they felt it was a waste of money. They would rather I learnt driving. Into my third year of working life, I could finally spare a bit of my cash to pursue my passion which ....I shall slowly divulge....

Last week, just after my lesson, Xiong and I met his brother and sister in law at

The cafe is beautifully decorated with elegance fittings and vintage furniture, making the whole cafe looks classy .The Tiffany pillars and soft lighting are a plus too!

In every cafe i go, first, take a photo of the menu. It's always important to know what kind of food the cafe is serving.

I was really hungry so Xiong ordered one Pasta and one Toast. If you had known Dazzling Cafe, they are famous for their toast. You can't miss that. 

We ordered a pasta and a toast to share. As we wanted to have the toast, we were afraid that ordering 2 pastas would be too much, 

The toast is nicely done. The serving is definitely enough for 1 adult.

The waitress will ask if you would like them to cut the toast for you. It could be a hassle if you were to do it yourself because you wouldn't know where to start. 

Another toast!

Took a photo with love. It's been a while since we had a photo together. 

The whole meal cost us more than $100. I felt it was way overpriced but its photo worthy and the pasta were delectable. Queue time.... hmmm.. might have to wait a little bit longer then usual unless you avoid peak hour. 

Dazzling Cafe
15 Stamford Road, #01-85
Singapore 178906
Tel: 6384 3310

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