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Ha yes, been quite quiet for a while since I hop job. My new job is okay, its stable with many things to do. Right now, i am still learning and absorbing as much as i can. All of my colleagues are married with kids while im the only single lady. They are all nice people but it is definitely too early to say if there is any office politics. But as of now, all of them are very nice people. Hope in months to come, I can know them better.

I've been also brought down by family issues. Not only taking care of my family, I am also taking care of family chores as much as i can, buying foods back for my family and anything which i feel is nice and appetizing. At times, I have to go out to buy foods for prayers, run errands for family issue and other miscellaneous stuffs, at the expense of my love. And i really appreciate that he will always be there for me. I no longer could sleep till late during weekends. Blame on my body clock partially too as i am also used to waking up early. By waking up in early morning, I could take a few hours to wash my family clothes and hung them dry till afternoon. As much as i want to go shopping for a whole day during weekend, I was not able to really do it anymore. Having personal time had became some sort of luxury for me as I dedicated most of my time to my family.

Love is very understanding and he accompanied me almost all of his time being with me and family. I felt i had deprived him of something which is close to his heart: His family. Though his family is no where similar to other families, i can't deny that he has a family too. Apart from being with my family, i would also love to meet up his family often for a gathering. No else where feels like home unless your family is with you. Its such a comfort zone where we share every little things about our recent happenings, be it good or bad. Only they can understand.

I was getting a little tired these days but I tell myself, come what may, I will be fighting always. I am lucky that I have my love to depend on, his family to share and talk about life and my family to be here when i have a bad day.

  We had army stew yesterday!

Iphone 6 is really good. Spot us in the background

Family will always be family. 

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