Cousin Wedding at Marriott Singapore

I shall blog a bit today.

My cousin, Sean, finally got married yesterday after a long relationship with hisgirlfriend, Dorinda. I've seen her since i was 16. I was only in secondary 4 the other time. Our school had brought all of us to Singapore Poly to view the life of being a poly students. As i had no intention to go into JC, it was definitely a good chance to see how it was like. 

When we entered business, i met Mabel. All of us were so young then. She told me my cousin had a girlfriend. And so, i was very surprised! She brought me over to say hi to her. 

That was our 1st impression. Since then, we did not see her until few years ago. They had been together for 8 years! 

Come on, its time to get married! 

I went to do my hair in the evening to prepare for the dinner. But somehow, my hair ended up not i expect it to be:

I keep feeling that i looked like an aunty. The hair spray was so much that i couldn't even flip my hair. 

And i look fat.

Way fat.

Now, let's see a photo of the bride and groom.

 Sorry for the take. It was blur ! Zzz

Anyway, i look really fat in all photo. 

My cousin had their wedding in Marriott Hotel at CK Tangs. Its was a medium size ballroom with an estimated 35 tables. The chairs are nicely decorated. The foods are delicious and free flow of beer, white and red wine!!

  The settings are plain but the foods are really delicious!

Though it was a long day for them, but i can see that they had really planned everything well. The video are nicely planned and taken. Though their story was very mushy, but the short skit had really told  audience their love story. 

I wonder how my wedding will be and how Wei Xiong will have planned those things in the future.

I will be expecting something good from you honey^^

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