Just You Only ~ ♥

Happy 24th Birthday baby!

It is your mugging period as usual.

As i was organising my photo on my iphone and harddisk.. i realised i had a lot of photos of you. Whatever image i have of you was captured.

Let me post some of these photos.

I eat......

Eat... ...

Still eat... ...

and eat... ...

last but not least. Lim kopi.

Yup, and my dear definitely loves to eat. Ad of course, i have many other photos of repetition... ..

Please no.. ...



Don't take any photos of me!!
And his favourite hobby is definitely... ...

Thumbs up to you baby!

A sleeping King

Well, this post is meant for you to cheer up a little though. Don't get too stressed up.

 Jia you dear, once again , happy birthday!

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